The Lost Creek Art Company

Welcome! to what we hope will be the home of the Lost Creek Art Company, which is an expansion of the Hemphill Grapevine Company (check out the Facebook page).

Our hopes that are in the very near future this will be a place where you can come and browse our unique brand of popart, among other things, and purchase the ones you would like to have as your own original work.

While the Lost Creek Medicine Show blog is my passion, so is my art and I've recently had a few comissions that made me think my dream of selling my work online may not be too far fetched after all. So here we are, laying out the space and tying to get PayPal to do what I need it to do. Then we'll be wheels up.

We are open to comissions, please inquire. Below we offer a very small sample of our catalog, which is added to nearly daily. We will continue to add the over 100 works available as we transition to this new adventure. See you soon for the grand opening!

Working on making purchases convenient, but it's quite the process and may take a while to get un-wonky. For example, the button to buy the first pic is now workimg, but I want it below the picture. So there's some kinks to work out, but we're gonna see them through!

Until we get the Buy Now button running smoothly on all the pics, you can always just send me your email and I can bill you directly through PayPal. Let's get these babies moving!

All pics will be framed when shipped and ready to mount upon arrival.

Like the Hemphill Grapevine Company's Facebook page to stay updated. 

If you see a piece you just can't live without contact me on Facebook, Mandy Fleming, or Instagram,  mandyfleming3342. You can check out the rest of my work there as well.